Sunday Worship

Sunday Worship (10:00am)

Come to worship and expect to be filled with God’s grace. Worship is central to the life of our community. We gather to hear the Word of God in the scriptures read and proclaimed.(Lectionary)
We come to join our hearts and minds in song and prayer. We come to receive Christ and become Christ in our world as we come to the table. Come and be filled with grace.

Our Sunday worship follows a “liturgical” form, meaning that there is a pattern we follow with flexibility through the year. It is designed to not just be instructional (it can be) but primarily formational. We are connected with the world-wide church through our singing the “Kyrie” and saying the “Lord’s Prayer” and these things shape our lives to the pattern of God’s love. Music is very important to worship, with congregational singing of the liturgy and songs being at the heart of proclaiming the goodness of God.

For some examples of worship at St. Timothy, check out our YouTube channel .