Pastor Clark’s Blog

Awareness and Darkness (December 2017)

Our lives can be so busy and in the midst of all that busy-ness we sometimes lose track of the big picture. We may forget that life and time keeps moving along. Where did 2017 go? How did I let another year go by without accomplishing…? (You fill in the blank.) I know that I fill my days so full with things to do that sometimes I am simply overwhelmed and feel like throwing up my hands.

But now the season of short days and long nights is upon us. This season forces me first to plan more carefully how I use those daylight hours. If I need to work outside or exercise outside, I had better set aside that time early in the day or I might miss the opportunity altogether.

In this season of increased darkness we enter the time of preparation in the church, Advent. This season is not just about getting ready for Christmas, but getting ourselves ready for life in Christ. Our texts call us to stay awake, to prepare the way, and to return to God. Most of all, our texts call us to trust; to remember that God is faithful, always faithful, to us, especially in times of trouble and doubt.

So I invite all of us to pause and consider: what are we doing with the time that makes up our lives? Are we investing it in the things that are most important to us? Are we investing this precious resource that is our lives in the things that God calls us to? Are we investing it in loving one another? In caring and protecting the creation? Are we doing the things that make our hearts sing or just things that occupy our attention? Has what seems to be urgent, that which keeps us busy, displaced what is truly important?

We begin a new year hearing the call afresh: wake up! Christ is coming! Christ is here! Christ empowers you to life!

In the grace and peace of Christ,

Pastor Clark